Fire Alarm Systems

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TP Teltech Sp. z o.o., as a Fire Safety Systems operator in the field of fire detection, offers comprehensive facility protection:
  • Concept development
  • Design preparation
  • Fire alarm system implementation
  • System maintenance
  • Supervision over transmission of fire alarm signals to the State Fire Service using the fire monitoring services

We operate on the basis of technical knowledge contained in the guidelines for the design, domestic and foreign standards issued by: PKN, SITP, VdS, NFPA. We offer solutions of leading manufacturers based on the latest technical knowledge.

For fire detection at a very early stage we offer:
  • Addressable central units
  • Conventional central units
  • VESDA aspirating smoke detectors

We prepare fire projections and fire safety instructions. In order to minimize the number of alarms not related to any fire, we analyze the purpose and function of the facility already at the stage of system design.

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