Evacuation Support Systems

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Ensuring the safety of people in fire conditions is a key issue. Appropriate selection of protection measures supporting the evacuation planned at the construction design stage contributes to achieving this goal.

We offer design and implementation of the following systems:
  • Voice Evacuation
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Gravitational Smoke Removal
Voice Evacuation Systems

reduce evacuation time by accelerating making the decision to leave the dangerous area. We can design them for any facility, including facilities with a complex architecture. We carry out additional acoustic simulations and measurements using specialized tools.

Emergency Lighting

we can carry it out for any facility, meeting the demands of the latest standards. We perform numerical simulations using tools for checking the correctness of selection and arrangement of lamps.

We design and manufacture lighting systems:
  • With a central battery
  • With locally powered fixtures
  • With lamp condition monitoring
Gravitational Smoke Removal Systems

We implement Smoke Removal Systems for evacuation routes for:

  • Fire isolated staircases in accordance with PN-EN or VdS standards
  • Industrial and storage halls on the basis of the NFPA 204 standard

Cost of a fire alarm system with an electric damper control system offered by TP Teltech Sp. z o.o. is an investment with costs comparable to a solution with a pneumatic control and manual release.

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