Production and sale of components for the construction of ict infrastructure

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TP Teltech Sp. z o.o. is a manufacturer and distributor of passive and active components for the construction of ICT infrastructure. We have our own specialized production line for the manufacture of fiber optic pigtails and patch cords with the highest technical parameters. Our products meet all the required technical standards.

Using the latest technologies and solutions, we offer products made from the highest quality components. We cooperate with leading suppliers of ICT infrastructure throughout Europe. We are an authorized distributor of DIAMOND, a renowned supplier of ICT infrastructure components

We carry out orders of our Clients according to their individual requirements.
We provide quick processing of orders.

Network passive components:
  • fiber optic and copper cables
  • fiber optic and copper patch cords
  • central components (optical connector adapters)
  • fiber optic attenuators
  • DSL splitters
  • couplers
  • optical terminators
  • optical distribution boxes
  • server and distribution cabinets
  • LAN structured cabling
  • patch panels
  • fiber optic cables management systems
  • cable accessories for fiber optic lines
Network active components:
  • SFP, SFP+, GBIC, XFP, XENPAK, X2 modules
  • transmission equipment
    • PDH, SDH multiplexers
    • xDSL modems
    • fiber optic modems
    • interface converters
  • network devices
    • routers
    • switches
    • hubs
    • firewalls
  • supply devices
    • UPS
    • telecommunication power systems
Patch cords and pigtails:
  • Singlemode SM or multimode MM pigtails
  • Simplex (single fiber) or duplex (double fiber in the singlemode SM or multimode MM technology) patch cords
  • Multi patch cords made of multifilament cables with fiber optic connectors at the ends

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