Monitoring of Motor Vehicles

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TELTECH GPS is a modern solution, built on the basis of digital Google maps, used to locate vehicles and to professional fleet management. The software helps effectively reduce costs and control operation of vehicle fleet, evaluate activities and performance of employees.

Key features of the system:
  • Operation based on the CANbus and J1708 bus
  • Transfer of vehicle parameters directly from the control computer by advanced car features
  • Private APN (separate, dedicated network in mobile operator infrastructure)
  • The highest level of data transmission security
  • Stable connections, faster data transmission
Monitored parameters:
  • Vehicle speed
  • Parking time
  • Fuel consumption
  • Transit route
  • Vehicle operation history
  • Eco Driving

The solution of TP Teltech Sp. o.o., dedicated and tailored to the needs of each client, allows maximum use of functionality while keeping costs low.


*technical support tel.: +48 517 147 741

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