Maintenance and Service of Telecommunication Networks

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TP Teltech Sp. z o.o. specializes in providing comprehensive maintenance and service of networks and telecommunication equipment.
Our team is composed of more than 700 highly skilled technicians whose expertise is confirmed by numerous certificates, including certificates for fiber optic networks service technicians, for HDSL symmetrical digital lines service technicians (High-bit-rate digital subscriber line specialists).

Constant training that improve our staff skills, knowledge of the latest construction technologies, high-quality materials, professional measuring equipment, and tools adapted to the growing technological needs enable us to offer services of the highest quality. We are a key partner and service provider for Orange Polska S.A. in the maintenance of fiber optic and copper networks in the Warsaw and Kraków maintenance zones.

We have tested and implemented procedures for cooperation with operators in the telecommunication market. Our activities are characterized by a high reliability factor.

For fiber optic and copper networks we offer:
  • Delivery, service, and technical supervision over telecommunication equipment and networks
  • Maintenance of failures, risks, and damages
  • Inspections and maintenance
Detailed scope of our services:
  • Technical assistance
  • Providing services to the end user based on fiber optic and copper network
  • Supervision of works in fiber optic and copper network ducts
  • Repairs, restoring technical and functional working order of telecommunication network elements
  • Network elements troubleshooting and removal of threats at the access network
  • Operational, maintenance, and repair works related to the restoration and reconstruction of access network elements
  • Maintenance and service of the following wiring:
    • optical fiber
    • structural
    • skeletal vertical
    • horizontal distribution
    • copper structural
    • TV/SAT, CCTV
  • Repair, maintenance, and conservation of active LAN equipment
  • Repair, maintenance, and conservation of telephone exchanges
  • Maintenance and conservation of in-building power network (up to 1 kV)
  • Development of alternative solutions for network construction
  • Removal of damages of optical drop and installation network and RFoG network
  • Modification of in-residential optical or coaxial installations
  • Test activation in developer locations
  • FTTH network acceptance processes
  • Fiber optic, copper, and TV SAT, CCTV cabling inspections
  • Inspections of guaranteed power supply grid
  • Assessment of plans and as-built documentation

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