Design and construction of the Mobile network infrastructure

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TP Teltech Sp. z o.o. provides a comprehensive design and legalization of Mobile facilities in accordance with applicable standards and regulations of the Construction Law. Experienced teams of specialists prepare designs of new buildings and reconstruction of existing ones. The performed analyzes and calculations enable optimum design of structures that can handle the planned load safely.

Our offer within the Mobile facilities design includes:
  • Evaluations and technical opinions
  • Construction designs
  • Working plans and specifications
  • Technological designs
  • Landscaping designs
  • Geotechnical studies
  • Environmental studies
  • Electrical designs

As part of the legalization of Mobile facilities we provide the following services in accordance with the Client's guidelines:

  • Acquisition of real estate for the construction of a base station
  • Verification of the possibility of locating the facility in the indicated area by the relevant authority,
    • checking the compliance with the Spatial Development Plan
    • verification of ownership of the land/facility
  • Site inspection with the Client's representative in order to:
    • verify the suitability of the property for investments
    • determine radio conditions
  • Negotiating financial conditions and any arrangements necessary for signing the contract between the Client
    and the owner of the property
  • Preparation of complete design documentation
  • Obtaining all administrative permits and agreements with media providers, including:
    • Decision on the Site Location of a Public-Purpose Line-Investment Project
      or on Land Development and Management Conditions
    • Decision on Environmental Conditions of the Investment
    • Decision on Changing Land Use to Non-Agricultural Use
    • Technical Requirements for Connection from Power Distribution Company
    • Conclusion of Connection Agreement and Agreement for the Supply of Electricity with a Power Distribution Company
  • Obtaining a final decision on Building Permit
  • Obtaining a final decision on Occupancy Permit (after completion of Mobile facility construction)

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