Construction and development of base stations

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TP Teltech Sp. z o.o. provides comprehensive construction and reconstruction of Mobile facilities in accordance with applicable standards and regulations of the Construction Law.

Our offer includes:
  • Filling the post of the site manager
  • Provision of an experienced construction team having all the necessary powers and equipment, including for working at heights
  • Construction site survey
  • Execution of earthworks and works related to the construction of telecommunication tower foundation
  • Delivery of all necessary materials for the construction, including:
    • concrete
    • steel
    • crushed stones
    • electrical installations
  • Horizontal and vertical assembly of lattice towers
  • Day and night obstacle marking
  • Complete electrical installation, lightning protection and grounding base station
  • Taking care of meter installation by the competent Power Distribution Company (execution of a temporary site supply if necessary)
  • Fencing and access roads to base stations
  • Strengthening of existing towers as part of base station reconstruction
  • Installation of new construction necessary for suspension of additional telecommunication equipment
  • Minor reconstructions/relocations of existing support structures
  • Preparation of complete as-built documentation, including
    • towers verticality survey
    • as built site survey
    • site log
    • construction site log book

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