Design and construction of broadband networks

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TP Teltech Sp. z o.o. is one of the few entities in Poland that has the competence covering the entire range of projects for the construction of telecommunication networks. We have carried out works related both to the preparation of financing, design, construction, and maintenance.

In recent years, as part of projects implemented by our company, we have designed and built thousands of kilometers of fiber optic networks. We have supervised and coordinated the work of a few thousand people involved in the implementation of projects.

We offer:
  • Consulting and development of complete concept of passive infrastructure and active devices
  • Design and construction of passive infrastructure:
    • Telecommunication & IT cable ducting (primary, secondary, microducting) with all types of cable chambers
    • Cable pipelines, including cable pull boxes
    • Pillar base
    • Fiber optic cables in telecommunication & IT cable ducting or cable pipelines and inside buildings
    • Access nodes inside and outside buildings, e.g. in cabinets or containers, with the following systems: fire alarm, intrusion detect, access control, video surveillance, heating and cooling
    • Adaptations of rooms including technical floors
    • Electrical installations
    • Air conditioning systems
  • Design, supply, installation, and commissioning of active devices that are part of equipment of Network Nodes and Network Management Center systems:
    • Preparation of engineering and construction design
    • Network implementation plan
    • Equipment of nodes, including architecture of devices, transmission technologies, switching and routing, security, scalability, and management
    • Scalability, and management
    • Network Management Center equipment, including server appliances, services and network management system, and network inventory system

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