Our competences

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The foundation on which we build the prestige and stable position of our company is our care for improving knowledge and developing our skills and competences.

We create a team of certified professionals with knowledge of the latest technologies. We stand out thanks to unique competences:

  • License of the Minister of Interior and Administration no. L-0127/02 for conducting business activity in the field of protection of persons and property throughout Poland (Professional Armed Security)
  • The first level Facility Security Clearance
  • Certificates of Scientific and Research Center for Fire Protection in Józefów and of Building Research Institute for the entire system of fire monitoring
  • Qualifications of the President of the National Atomic Energy Agency for working with radioactive sources, devices containing such sources, and devices generating ionizing radiation
  • Certificates of reputable, renowned manufacturers of equipment, materials, and technologies
  • Our own nationwide dedicated radio network working in accordance with licenses and frequency allocations issued by UKE
  • Proved and tested model of operational cooperation with key institutions: State Fire Service, Local and regional authorities
  • Specialized 24-hour alarm monitoring centre receiving stations providing trouble-free service and continuity of supervision